Who We Are

Zambian energy company engaged in developing and investing in scalable and sustainable renewable energy projects in Zambia and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the generation, transmission and distribution of green hydrogen, solar and wind power.

GEI Power Limited (GEI), founded in 2020, is an energy company that specializes in clean and green energy. GEI is the only and first Zambian company developing and investing in large-scale green hydrogen for both electricity generation and green ammonia production.

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GEI’s core business is green hydrogen, solar farms and wind investment and operation. GEI is developing 2-green hydrogen and 4-solar farms and set up a regional management office in Port Louis, Mauritius.

It’s other products and services include GEI-LEMATM Off-Grid, the USA-made power generator, and flowing water and thermal pasteurized drinking water system ideal for rural electrification and water distribution of public facilities such as schools and health centres, markets and community centres.

We also offer telecommunication and surveillance towers with off-grid power solutions.

And GEI-Jet Star Stove is the methanol-fuel-burning clean cooking solution to help mitigate deforestation and end-users health and well-being.

To further increase job creation and value chain opportunities for the locals, we are establishing a solar assembly and manufacturing plant and a methanol refill and plastic recycle plant in Lusaka, Zambia, for products and services to cater for the local market and the SADC region.

Our Mission

Our Mission of Powering Sustainable Renewable Energy projects anchors on three pillars:

  • Improving people’s lives;
  • Protecting the environment; and 
  • Creating economic value for the shareholders and stakeholders.

Sustainable CSR

Environment Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) are at the forefront of the Company’s sustainability operation and reporting.

GEI Power Ltd strives to maximize the positive environmental and socio-economic impact of our scalable and sustainable project developments.

We work closely with the local communities, improving livelihoods by prioritizing local job creation and giving back to communities where we operate through charitable investments, especially in women and youth ran cooperatives and skills development transfer.

We operate according to the World Bank framework, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Impact Framework, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other international framework practices.

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